College Lies


The sequel to College Lust.

Cambridge College freshman Chet Miller has been having a secret affair with his English professor Seth Greenwell for most of the semester. But things have been cooling a little between them over the past few weeks and Chet is starting to worry that Seth has found someone else.

Sexy professor Seth Greenwell has a weakness for hot, young college freshman. He’s already been fired from two previous colleges for his unprofessional desires, but so far he’s been successful in keeping his relationship with Chet a secret. Yet a whole semester of playing Chet’s devoted boyfriend is taking its toll on Seth—he needs some new action in his life!

When Chet catches Seth cheating on him, he seeks solace with his best friend Giles. Giles is about to head home for Spring break and invites Chet to join him. Two weeks away from Seth and relationship dramas is just what Chet needs. Especially when he and Giles start to discover their own mutual attraction to each other.

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CJ Lowe



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February 2016