College Lust


Nineteen year old Chet Miller is about to begin his freshman term at Cambridge College in Gallup, Georgia. When he returns from orientation to find a sock already on his door – his roommate getting busy with his latest conquest – Chet decides to break in his new fake ID and down a few beers at the local pub.

Seth Greenwell is on his third college in as many years, set to begin a new semester teaching freshman English at Cambridge College. After one too many pints at his favorite bar, Seth takes Chet home for a night of wild sex. Waking up alone the next morning, he chases off his hangover to arrive at class, just in time to see Chet sitting front and center in the first row of his lecture.

Seth breaks things off immediately with Chet but he still can’t help being drawn to what he knows is wrong. Likewise, Chet cannot stay away from the sexy professor. With the help of his new friend Giles, Chet sets up the perfect romantic evening to try and win Seth back. But has their scandalous affair ruined their chances of a happy ever after?

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CJ Lowe



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May 2015