Hard Rock Boys 2


The second book in the Hard Rock Boys series.

Barely into their ten day, nine city tour together, and the band members of Shock Therapy and Growing Chaos have already encountered a few problems.

Firstly the venues they have chosen to play don’t suit their style of raw, hard rock. Secondly, cramming nine guys and all their gear into two small vans is a far cry from the rock star dream they envisaged. And thirdly, there’s Harvey—Growing Chaos’s crazy, obsessed guitarist.

Harvey knows that Erik only organized the tour as a way to be closer to Axel and he’s not happy about it. Harvey considers Axel to be his territory and he’ll happily fight Erik to prove it.

When an argument results in Harvey quitting the tour—and taking one of the tour vans—Erik and Axel are blamed for his defection. When morale starts to plummet and tempers flare between the remaining band members, it looks like the tour will end up being a disaster. Especially when Axel starts putting pressure on Erik to quit Shock Therapy to fill the gap that Harvey has left in his own band.

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Jed Black



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February 2016