Off Season

Kyle Springs had a promising career in the National Football League, until he botched the one kick that would have seen his team through to the finals. Now he’s been dumped from the squad, shunned by his fans and the media is making his life a misery. To escape the unwanted spotlight, Kyle retreats to his family home to lick his wounds in private. Only problem is, his father won’t leave him alone. Sylvester Springs is determined to get Kyle back out in the world. So determined he arranges a lunch meeting for Kyle with one of his clients – a man he is sure will change Kyle’s life.

Former pro-footballer turned real estate mogul, Dodge Cartier, is bored with his life. After all, what has he got to do with his days except invest his considerable millions? When his financial adviser, Sylvester Springs, asks him to meet with his son in the hope of inspiring him, Dodge agrees. But what starts as a favour, quickly becomes more when Dodge finds himself attracted to Kyle.

In order to see him again, Dodge invites Kyle to work out at a gym he owns. Getting hot and sweaty together is just what they both need, even if it’s only on the gym equipment—at first.

It’s not long before their workout takes a more intimate turn and Kyle and Dodge become lovers. But their pathway to happiness is not a smooth one. Kyle is still too afraid of any backlash over his bungled kick to go out in public and Dodge is wary of the ridicule he faces in dating a man nearly twenty years his junior. Especially when that man is the son of his colleague. And when Sylvester finds out about their relationship, he is every bit as furious as Dodge expected him to be.

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CJ Lowe



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February 2016