Rigorous Education


Young student Paul Amir is on the train to school when he has a run in with his new head teacher, Niall Carrick. A disastrous second meeting a few days later in Professor Carrick’s classroom sees Paul excluded from the class, and as punishment, he must continue his history lessons with Professor Carrick in private.

Professor Niall Carrick doesn’t know what it is about Paul Amir that gets him so worked up. He’s the most infuriating, stuck up, antagonistic teen Niall has ever met. He’s also utterly gorgeous and Niall realizes his clashes with the lad are driven as much by lust as aggression.

As Niall and Paul slowly get to know each other during their private study sessions, it’s not long before they both find that their time together is much less of a punishment and far more pleasurable than either of them could ever have imagined.

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Chris Cambel



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March 2016