Saving His Soldier


In the summer, Sawsup Island is a tourist mecca, with a beachfront historic inn overlooking the waves of Maine’s Atlantic coast. In the winter the only guests who visit are the seals. And that’s just the way the island’s year-round resident and recluse, former Navy SEAL Connor Thorne, likes it.

Now the Inn has a new owner, and they’ve hired a caretaker to stay there through the winter. The guy is nothing but trouble. First of all, he gets sea-sick just looking at the ocean. Second, he’s far too cheerful and social. And third—Thorne can’t stop thinking about him.

Veterinarian Zach Keegan is not a handyman, but when the opportunity arises to stay at the Maliseet Inn on Sawsup Island for the winter months, he jumps at the chance. His fiancée has just cheated on him with his brother and Zach is ready to be isolated, with no family to bother him and nothing but his memories for company.

When Zach nearly burns down the inn during a violent winter storm, it is Thorne who reluctantly comes to his aid. With only each other for company, they give in to a night of passion. As their feelings for one another deepen, slowly their broken hearts begin to heal.

But Zach is adamant he is not gay, no matter what he and Thorne shared and when he’s ready to leave the Island and face the world again, how will Thorne live without him now he has let Zach into his heart?

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Kay McKinnon



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January 2016