The Untaming of Lord Thornley


Lord Daniel Thornley was a poet and a gentleman until his friend the Duke of Marlborough died, leaving Daniel a beneficiary in his will. Upon his deathbed the Duke tells Thornley the conditions which he must meet in order to secure his portion of the will: simply within one year, Daniel must bed twenty-one lads and men from all walks of life and ‘commit with them acts of flagrant fornication’.

Daniel is appalled by the will’s conditions, but when his father is thrown in debtor’s prison and his family declared bankrupt, he sees no alternative but to succumb to the Duke’s ridiculous demands.

Bran Cameron is Lord Thornley’s valet, a handsome young Scottish lad, pure of heart and body. He knows nothing of the will or the reasoning behind his master’s penchant for bedding men, but he is steadfast in his loyalty to Daniel.

When one of Thornley’s affairs turns nasty and he finds himself blackmailed, it is Bran who must help Daniel despite his growing jealousy of his master’s many lovers and his own deep desire to be one of Thornley’s conquests.

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Chris Cambel



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May 2015