Tyler’s Training


Nineteen year old Tyler Jacobs has just landed in Hollywood with an eye on being the next big stunt man. When all he finds are doors slamming in his face, a lucky break at a bus stop sees him wind up on Colt Manning’s doorstep. At the tender age of twenty-nine, Colt is already a Hollywood legend, having performed some of the film industry’s most dangerous movie stunts. Now he runs a stunt man training school in a strip mall in Burbank.

With nowhere to go and no friends in town, Colt gives Tyler a place to crash and a crash course in being a Hollywood stunt man. But as the two get to know each other, something more than a teacher student relationship begins to blossom. Will Tyler give in to the passion that’s turning his lifelong curiosity about men into something stronger? And will Colt be the man to teach him about the love he so desperately craves?

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CJ Lowe



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May 2015